Banjo Paterson Cottage Restaurant Covid 19-Safe House Policy 


  • Hand sanitiser dispensers are located at the restaurant entry/exit , staff work areas, outside guest bathrooms and in every room for both guest and staff use.
  • Hand washing facilities are available in guest bathrooms and staff work areas.
  • Our menus are single use and disposable
  • Our table condiments are now in disposable individual sachets
  • Single use linen napkins
  • All staff to wash and sanitise hands prior to starting work, before and after eating, handling guests crockery, cutlery and glassware, receiving goods and handling rubbish.
  • Where possible all staff will wash their hands every 30 minutes with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • All staff to observe 1.5m social distancing where possible
  • All staff to decline handshakes and any other skin-to-skin contact with guests or other staff


  • Guest contact details and attendance details kept for a minimum of 28 days in line with government requirements. The use of guestHQ is also in operation at the restaurant
  • Details of staff attendance, when working, kept on file

Staff Training

  • All staff complete training in Infection Control training – Covid 19 on line
  • Australian Government Health website is regularly monitored to ensure all staff are aware of any new developments and advice

Restaurant Seating

  • Table service only, no standing at the bar
  • Our tables are 1.5m apart

Cleaning and Sanitising

  • The restaurant is thoroughly cleaned prior to service and cleaning is ongoing through service
  • High touch areas such as doors and stair rails are sanitised throughout service
  • Our dish and glass washer are of commercial grade and the wash cycle is set between 65-71 degrees and sanitisation cycle at 82 degrees
  • For all function bookings will have a COVID-Safe Officer in attendance.


  • Electronic payment to be used where possible

Conditions of Entry

  • Entry will be denied if COVID 19 symptoms are evident or if a guest refuses to disclose contact details


  • Any staff member who has symptoms or is sick must stay at home


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